Data Destruction

Thank you for considering SBM TECH for your data destruction and compliance needs. Data destruction is a key element in all effective data security policies. SBM TECH welcomes the opportunity to work with your organization to create a safer environment for secured information. Recent Government changes to the protection of sensitive client information, patient records, financial records and other data means liability can become an issue if your data is not destroyed thoroughly in a way that never comes back to haunt you.

Choosing SBM TECH means you can relax knowing your data will be properly and irretrievably destroyed. Your Hard Drive will be overwritten for a minimum of 36 hours using our proprietary software, and then the drive platters are physically altered in our facility using a machining operation. Certified Hard Drive destruction starts at $75.00 per unit.

When the process is completed SBM TECH stores the Hard Drive in our secure site for a minimum of two months. In the event you wish to visually inspect it prior to disposal, we welcome you to do so during that time. After the two month period the destroyed drives are disposed of. We then provide a certificate describing what methods have been used, and certifying complete destruction of the data has been achieved.

We can also provide secure destruction with certificates for your CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and other types of computer memory storage devices. Have a stack of media around that you are not sure what information is on them? Be very careful about just throwing them out in the regular garbage.

Should you have any questions regarding Secure Data Destruction, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.